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    i filled fixed headers of a deriver DataGridControl, with my own control (eg: MyControl).

    Using VisualTreeHelper I find out MyControl istance and manage some events adding the proper handlers to this instance.

    When i set the “visibility” property of a column to “false” (probably the fixed headers are reset and repainted) i lose all my handlers (i suppose another instance of MyControl was created), then i need to call again the routine that use the VisualTreeHelper to re-find out the MyControl instance and re-Link all events handlers.

     The problem is: where do i have to put this routine? I need something like an event handler to override, for example OnFixedHeadersUpdated and so on….. I tried with the VisibilityColumns collection change event, but it is fired up before the fixed headers are updated.



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    The FixedHeader and FixedFooters regions are effectively cleared when changing the Visible columns.

    What I suggest to workaround this issue is register a handler on the “Loaded” event of the MyControl placed in the FixedHeaders and to perform your registration in this handler:

           <local:MyControl Loaded=”OnMyControlLoaded” />

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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