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    I hope someone takes the time to understand what the Problem is. Not so easy to explain…

    I defined an XceedDatagridControl with the following “celleditor” and “edit Trigger”…

    Normaly I use a template thats show me the Data in a Cell as Textblock. Therefore I use a DataTemplate.
    But I have already a CelleditorTemplate defined that show me Data in a Cell in the Textvalue of a combobox. My ComboBox has a KeyUp Event on which I start a Search over a ObservableCollection which is defined as New ListCollectionView. And I Bind the Combobox Itemsource at the ListCollectionView. I already have a ComboBoxItemtemplate defined where I set a Textblock as Item and Bind the TextValue on a ListCollectionView Property named as Name.
    This works.
    But I have the following effect. If I select an Item in the ComboBox every works like It have to. Than hover to the next cell (the celleditortemplate shows me the cell as ComboBox. Thats ok). I Click on the Cell (ComboBox), but the Cell I was Before is already a combox. If I hover again over the first cell it changes his template by the mouse left event. But only i Hover over again. Is it a bug or can specific say to refresh all templates, when I click in a new cell?
    Thanks for all answers. I hope someone can help me or as simular problems.

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    I am not sure I totally understand the issue, so I’m going to try rephrasing:

    If you edit a cell, and then hover over another cell(without clicking on it), you are expecting that the cell just edited would revert back to the “view” template ?

    If this rephrasing is effectively right, then the answer is: this is normal behavior, a cell undergoing edition will preserve its edition template as long as it is being edited ( focus in th editor ). The cell will revert to the “view” template when another cell is selected or when the editor loses focus.

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