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    Using v1.2 (demo licence) I have tried to implement basic printing support of a TableView. All that I appear to be able to get is the group header text and then the same text repeated for each of the rows. None of my columns appear on the page.

    I have not modified the DataGridControl definition and use the following command to export the grid to XPS (to save paper when testing):

    System.Windows.Size size = new System.Windows.Size(8.5d * 96.0d, 11.0d * 96.0d);
    ctlGrid.ExportToXps(saveFileDialog.FileName, size, true);

    If I define a PageView (using the sample one) I can get headers and footers but the data content is as above.

    The Xceed sample app compiles and works as expected.

    I have sent a TestApp to the support group that shows this behaviour.

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    I have asked support to forward me your case. I will take a look at it.

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