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    I’m evaluating Xceed DataGrid for WPF. I’m impressed with it, and you guys have done a great job.

    * I have found one or two defects (already reported):
    Column.Visible = true, the column header becomes visible but the data for that column doesn’t show.
    * And one limitation (also reported)-I can’t take control of the sorting, grouping:
    a) I’d like to write event handlers for sorting/grouping and delegate the task to the db, I’m working on a client server app and I can’t bring all the data to the client’s machine.
    b) I’d like to disable sorting from working on certain columns.

    I was wondering:
    1. When is the next release?
    2. Are you planning to address any of these issues in your release?


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    1. We are currently targeting beginning of May for the next release.

    * Column.Visible = true : This issue has been fixed and will be available in the next release.

    * Event Handlers for Sorting/Grouping: We are not planning to release such behavior in the upcoming release (and the timeframe/possibility of such feature is yet unknown). However, all we do is forward the grouping/sorting information to the underlying CollectionView (CollectionView.GroupDescriptions/SortDescriptions), which then takes charge of the grouping/sorting. What you could do is encapsulating whatever data you have within a CollectionView that will execute the sorting/grouping as required by your requirements.

    * Disable Sorting: We will allow this behavior in the next release.

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