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    Presenting the fourth major release of the world’s first DataGrid for WPF!

    Xceed DataGrid for WPF is still free (<a href=”http://xceed.com/GridWpfRegistration.aspx”>register</a&gt; for the latest version), but is now called Xceed DataGrid for WPF Express Edition. It retains its rich feature set and continues to provide full distribution rights, bugfixes, and updates.

    A Professional Edition is now available, featuring the advanced features previously available only through the purchase of a Vanguard subscription. The Professional Edition adds Excel-like auto-filtering, fixed columns, rich printing support, statistical functions, and new themes to the already rich feature set available in the Express Edition. (Special forums offer: Until Dec. 7, 2007, you may upgrade to the Professional Edition for $75 off the regular price. This works out to $425, or $675 with a 1-year Vanguard subscription. Use coupon code <b>P003TL</b>).

    <b>What’s new</b>

    Xceed DataGrid for WPF v1.3 (both Express and Professional editions) adds Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend design-time support and installs into the toolbox of the currently available Beta 2 version of Visual Studio 2008. Also new is the addition of a scroll tip, which displays information about the first visible row in the viewport when the grid is scrolled. Finally, a VB.NET template with a tutorial is provided for setting up a new custom theme project, complementing the already available C# template. New exclusively in the Professional Edition v1.3 is support for Excel-like automatic filtering.

    The next major release is scheduled to include full in-line Master/Detail support, 3D views, editor controls, and other features requested by developers on Xceed’s forums and through surveys.

    V1.3 also includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

    – The project template that sets up a new theme project for creating custom themes is now available for VB.NET.

    – An item inserted into an ObservableCollection no longer shows up last in the DataGridCollectionView.

    – An exception no longer occurs when canceling edit mode in a DataGridControl bound to a DataGridCollectionView.

    – An exception no longer occurs when grouping by a field that contains a null value when using the DataGridCollectionView.

    – The FixedColumnSplitter is now properly hidden when FixedColumnCount is 0 and the first column is hidden.

    – Clicking on a read-only cell that has EditTriggers set to SingleClick now properly makes the row current.

    – DataGridControl.IsBeingEdited is now a DependencyProperty.

    – Column generation with DataGridCollectionView bound to a DataView is now better handled.

    – DataGridCollectionView no longer refreshes twice on first load (performance enhancement).

    – PassiveLayoutAxis enum has been moved to the Xceed.Wpf.DataGrid.Views namespace.

    – DataGridCollectionViewSource now has an InheritanceContext.

    – It is now possible to use the InsertionRow when bound to an ObservableCollection that implements IBindingList.

    – DataGridCollectionView now supports item insertion properly with a data source that implements both IBindingList and INotifyCollectionChanged.

    – The FontSize of the GroupHeaderControl in the Glass theme is now bound properly.

    – The card headers in the Office 2007 theme now properly adjust to their content’s height.
    It is now possible to navigate to a ReadOnly cell when EditTriggers is set to CellIsCurrent.
    RowSelector now implements INotifyPropertyChanged.

    – Dragging a ColumnManagerCell or GroupByItem when a transform is applied to the DataGridControl now works properly.

    – The ActivationGesture for a CellEditor is no longer evaluated on a ReadOnly cell.

    – The project template that sets up a new theme project for creating custom themes can now be used with Visual Studio 2008 beta 2.

    – An icon for DataGridControl is now installed in the Visual Studio 2008 toolbox.

    – Printing methods now return a bool indicating whether the operation was canceled.

    – Documentation is now integrated in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.

    – NullToBooleanConverter now takes a parameter that indicates which boolean value should be returned when the value is null.

    – The PrintTableView is now created only when it is required (performance enhancement).

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    Odi [Xceed]
    Post count: 426

    An update has just been released.

    In package 3.2.7570.10530 available on the <a href=”http://xceed.com/pages/TopMenu/Downloads/Updates.aspx?Lang=EN-CA”>updates</a&gt; page, the following changes have been made to Xceed DataGrid for WPF v1.3:

    – An exception no longer occurs when sorting a column with a FieldName of “.” while bound to a DataGridCollectionView.

    – The GroupByControl scrolls as unexpected when the DataGrid is used in a Popup.

    – An exception no longer occurs when no ItemsSource is present.

    – The AutoFilterControl’s PART_DistinctValuesHost is now correctly updated if it is not a ListBox.

    – The binding is no longer cleared when DataGridControl.SelectedItem is the target of a Binding and the data source changes.

    – An exception no longer occurs when adding a new data item via the InsertionRow.

    – An exception no longer occurs when changing the data source of the DataGrid while a row is being edited.

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