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    Presenting the third major release of the world’s first DataGrid for WPF!

    Xceed DataGrid for WPF is still free (<a href=”http://xceed.com/GridWpfRegistration.aspx”>register</a&gt; for the latest version) yet has a more solid foundation, better performance, and more free capabilities than the competition’s pay-only grid.

    Just to be clear, Xceed’s free WPF grid includes royalty-free distribution, free updates, and free bug fix releases. There are no activation or runtime fees, and no fine print.

    For developers that need even more functionality or professional support, Xceed offers the 1-year Vanguard subscription, for $500. It includes access to the grid’s advanced capabilities (available nowhere else), all major/minor upgrades, and quality, responsive support for 1 year.

    Please help spread the word about Xceed DataGrid for WPF!

    <strong>What’s new</strong>

    New free capabilities:

    * Customizable group-level configurations with header and footer support
    * Edit mode and expanding/collapsing groups can be controlled programmatically.
    * Project template for creating a custom theme, along with a theme creation tutorial.
    * Cards can also now be resized in Card view.
    * Zune theme so the grid adapts its look on systems using this system theme.

    New advanced features (requires Vanguard subscription):

    * Printing and XPS-exporting with customizable page layouts and progress dialogs
    * Statistical functions to give cells and other elements number-crunching capabilities.
    * New Glass theme designed for quick and easy branding of the datagrid,
    just insert custom bitmaps and the glass effect overlays the user-interface elements.

    Upcoming releases will include more editors, views, full support for the Visual Studio 2008 design-time surface, and important major features requested by developers.

    V1.2 also includes the following bug fixes:

    – Removed the following obsolete members from RowSelector: constructor and
    PrepareDefaultStyleKey method.

    – Cell.Content is now updated after modifying the content of the source DataRow when
    bound to a DataTable via a DataGridCollectionView.

    – Auto-generated columns now refresh properly when the source data collection changes.

    – The validation error glyph is no longer clipped in TableView.Aero.

    – DataGridCollectionViewSource now accepts a Source that is initially null.

    – The InactiveSelection style for DataRows in the Media Player theme now displays correctly.

    – A NullReferenceException no longer occurs when dragging a ColumnManagerCell in
    certain circumstances.

    – The horizontal ScrollBar now appears when there are no DataRows and the
    ColumnManagerRow is larger than the viewport of the DataGrid.

    – DataGridControl.SelectedItems is no longer cleared when one of the selected data
    items is removed from the source collection.

    – Corrected certain issues with the FixedColumnSplitter.

    – Spelling error corrected: CellEditorDisplayConditions.RowIsBeingEditing is now Obsolete.
    It has been replaced by RowIsBeingEdited.

    – Fixed an occasional ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the VirtualizingCardPanel.

    – The cell editors are no longer displayed after changing CellEditorDisplayConditions from
    Always to None.

    – The cell editors no longer remain on screen when
    CellEditorDisplayConditions.CellIsCurrent and EditTrigger.CellIsCurrent are both set.

    – It is now possible to create a DataGridItemProperty for a read-only source property
    (new property: DataGridItemProperty.ReadOnly).

    – A horizontal gridline is now drawn below the FixedHeaders when there are no DataRows.

    – The ClearContainer method is now called on Rows contained in the Headers/Footers
    and FixedHeaders/FixedFooters sections of the DataGrid.

    – The DataGridControl.View property has changed from ViewBase to UIViewBase.

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