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    My issue seems simple. I add a mouse even to a columns cells. Like so:

    foreach (Xceed.Grid.DataRow grow in gridRevenueTab.DataRows)
    foreach (Xceed.Grid.Cell gcell in grow.Cells)
    if (gcell.ParentColumn == gridRevenueTab.Columns[“Description”])
    gcell.MouseDown += new System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventHandler(this.DescCell_MouseDown);

    Now in that procedure, DescCell_MouseDown I detect the right click event. And attempt to display a context menu at the mouse location. Problem is, the X and Y coord’s are based off the cell, not the cell’s location in the grid.

    How, if it’s possible, can I detect the location of the cell in the grid and display the context menu accordingly.


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    Hi Buggi,

    You can use the ClientPointToGrid method which will convert the location of the specified client point into grid coordinates. This method is available on every VisualGridElement.

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