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    I try to test the components in the extreme situations.

    So, I have DataSet with 92000 rows and 60 columns(please don’t ask why, it is one of our customer requirements).

    I filled DataSet using the same method of DataAdapter, it’s take about 20 second,

    next I assign DataSourse to the Xceed Grid
    this.grdMain.DataSource = dataSet1.Tables[“Main”];
    it’s take 40 second.

    But when I try release resourse or apply changes to database it’s take to much time (about 20 minutes)
    this.grdXceed.DataSource = null;

    May be I’m using your library in wrong way? Or it not intended to use with large data volumes? Or may be clear may be done faster in some other way?


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    We have tested a scenario similar to what you described, and we got acceptable results.

    The test application was done both in VS 2003 and VS 2005 C#. It generates a dataset of 60 column by 90000 rows in memory, then fill and clear the grid. The result I get on my machine (which is very average) is under 20 seconds for the filling and clearing, and if I do it a second time, it is even a bit faster. Results were the same in both 2003 and 2005.

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