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    I am sure this has been posted somewhere so excuse me if it has and point me in the right direction.

    I was after a very simple DataGrid whereby you can Add Rows, Delete Rows and Modify Rows (just like in MS Access when creating a Table). However I would like to keep a record of a) All the new Rows Added b) All the Rows Deleted and c) All the rows Modified. OR be able to compare what was sent to me as against what I have currently in the DataGrid.

    The reason being is that I am sent the data from a Web Service and the only way of updating the DB is through the Web Service with 3 types of Message Add/Delete/Update.

    FLAME ON (Not Xceed though!!)
    I like what I see in this Control however, there seems to be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between XAML based code and the code-behind. Personally I would prefer the latter as the syntax checking and compile/run-time error notification in XAML is to be quit blunt – brutal. Also, I find the XAML to be very ugly , verbose and difficult to follow – especially when the author cannot decide whether to write everything on one line or indent with tabs the child items. Of course MS would say that the whole point is to separate Design from Functionality – well until they get to a stage whereby the Designer doesn’t blow a gasket after a few lines of quite reasonable XAML code gets entered, then I’ll write as much as I can in Code-behind.

    SO if anyone has any ideas on my original – quite simple – request I would appreciate it.



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    I do have a suggestion:

    If your data source is of type IBindingList (e.g. DataView ), then the event IBindingList.ListChanged will issue all those messages. You can use the ListChangedEventArgs.ListChangeType to determine the nature of the change.

    – ListChangedType.ItemAdded for additions.
    – ListChangedType.ItemChanged for modifications.
    – ListChangedType.ItemDeleted for deletions.

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