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    I have a strange problem using a memoryStream to decompress a zip file.

    When I decompress A.zip a first time, it works. But if I want to decompress it  again it crashes with this error message : 

    The requested operation is not supported by the item. Type: Xceed.FileSystem.MemoryFile FullName: RAM:\folder\ertert.xml

    Here is the code I’am using :

    Dim zip As New ZipArchive(New DiskFile(mainFile))
    Dim folder As New MemoryFolder(“RAM”, “folder”)
    zip.CopyFilesTo(folder, True, True)

    I tried to delete the folder, delete files inside …Etc but it continues to crash. 

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    Hi Fred,

    The code that you are using is 100% correct, so the problem is probably related to the zip file itself.

    Please upload the zip file as an attachment to your next reply (Options->Add/Update) so it can try to reproduce your issue.



    Customer Support 


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