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    I have followed the Xceed tutorial to create the custom theme package. I am able to style my Grid how I would like, however when applying my Theme, I seem to lose the ability to Filter.

    If I apply one of the built in themes, or remove the theme and use the default, the Filtering capability returns.

    I am assuming that I am missing some Styles or Templates including the triggers that handle the filtering, but not sure how or where these should be included in the Theme file.

    Any help including a XAML example would be greatly appreciated.

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    you need to add the AutoFilterControl in the ColumnManagerCell’s ControlTemplate. Search for Template: ColumnManagerCell in TableView.GridElementTemplates.xaml.

    There is a ToggleButton which is displayed when the AutoFitlering feature is activated/available. When it’s pressed, it displays a Popup containing the AutoFilterControl.

    You will also need some of the ColumnManagerCell ControlTemplate’s Triggers to correctly display the AutoFiltering Controls correctly.

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