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    we are using Xceed.Zip.v5.4 dll for  unzipping the bakup more than 2GB files(not for below 2 GB files). getting the below issue.
    Exception StackTrace:    at Xceed.Utils.Streams.StreamSearcher.ReverseFindImpl(Byte[] value, Int32 initialRange, Int32 secondaryRange, Boolean continuousSearch)
       at Xceed.Utils.Streams.StreamSearcher.ReverseFindImpl(Byte[] value, Boolean withinRange)
       at Xceed.Utils.Streams.StreamSearcher.InternalReverseFind(Byte[] value)
       at Xceed.Utils.Streams.StreamSearcher.ReverseFind(UInt32 value)
       at Xceed.Zip.ZipHandler.ReadEndHeader(BinaryReader reader, Stream stream, ISpannedStream spannedStream)
       at Xceed.Zip.ZipStorage.DoReadItems(FileSystemEventsSession session, ReadItemsSession readItemsSession, Stream source, ISpannedStream spannedStream)
       at Xceed.Utils.Storage.Storage.ReadItems(FileSystemEventsSession session, Stream source)
       at Xceed.Utils.Storage.StorageHandler.Refresh(FileSystemEventsSession session, Boolean forceRefresh)
       at Xceed.Utils.Storage.StorageHandler.Refresh(FileSystemEventsSession session)
       at Xceed.Zip.ZipHandler.GetZipHandler(FileSystemEventsSession session, AbstractFile zipFile)
       at Xceed.Zip.ZippedFolder..ctor(FileSystemEvents events, Object userData, AbstractFile zipFile, String folderName)

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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Nagesh,

    This sounds like an issue that was already fixed.

    Please download and test with the latest 5.5 version.


    If the issue is still present, we would need a small stand-alone test project that reproduces the issue in order to investigate further. Please send it to support@xceed.com and include a link to this forum thread for reference. Thank you.

    Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Diane [Xceed] (had 588 views)

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