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    I have a Visual Basic application which uses Xceed Binary Endocing library v1.1, Encryption library v1,1 and Streaming compression library v1.1.

    Using the Xceed components, the data is compressed, encrypted, encoded to base 64 then sent by an email. I am writing a new web service

    to read the data, decode from Base64, decrypt then uncompress. Streaming compression and binary encoding seems to be discountinued

    on .NET. Is there a way to decode from Base64, decrypt then uncompress the data without using ActiveX Xceed components (using Interops)?

    Following is the current process which uses ActiveX components.

    Source Data: Binary

    1. Compress the binary data using XceedStreamingCompression. Compression format is standard.

    2. Encrypt the compressed data using XceedEncryption. Method is Rijndael with SHA hashing method.

    3. Encode using XceedBinaryEncoding to base 64.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hyong Cho




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    1. The Streaming Compression for .NET product was included in the Zip for .NET product. You will be able to decompress files that were compressed with our ActiveX product.

    2. For the encryption, we do not have a .NET version of our encryption product because the .NET Framework offers pretty much all the necessary tool for encryption. Here is a sample showing the interoperability between Xceed Encryption Library and the .NET Cryptography classes. Note that this sample uses RSA encryption, but it should give you want you need to do the same with the Rijndael encryption.

    3. The Base64 encoding is also available with the .NET Framework.

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    I am using Xceed Streaming Compression Library 1.1 to compress a dta by using VB6. I want to use this data on my PDA. I want to decompress this data by using XceedCompressedStream class of Xceed Streaming Compression for .NET CF.

    I use the following statement s in VB6 to compress data:

         Set XceedStreamingCompression1.CompressionFormat = New XceedStandardCompressionFormat
         varbytear = XceedStreamingCompression1.Compress(inbuf$, true)

    I try to decompress this data as folows:

          Dim cstream As Xceed.Compression.Formats.XceedCompressedStream
          bytear = cstream.Decompress(compressedbytear)

     This fragment of code gives the following error message: “Password was not provided for crypted data” 

     I am sure I make some mistake at a point, but I cannot find it. 

     I will be very happy if anybody helps me for this problem. Of course, a working code fragment will be very usefull.


    Thanks in advance

    Talat Oncu

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