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    Hi – We had images in a zip file that we had put into a stream in When we tried to write the image stream to the filesystem, we discovered that some of the image properties had changed from the original image (ie – we had different compression). I don’t know if there is a way around this with the current version, but if not, I would like to suggest that there be a way to keep the original image properties.


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    Can you be more specific – I’m not sure I understand – when you say different compression, what do you mean?

    Do you mean the compression ratio achieved through the deflate algorithm in a Zip file is different than the compression ratio achieved with the same algorithm but put into a VB.NET stream?

    If yes, that is possible – depends on the implementation of the Deflate (and its CompressionLevel settings) used when zipping and that used when compressing into the stream.

    If you mean your actual image is being modified in some way – that could not be – files are never altered.


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