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    In regards to the error icon displayed at the right of a row in the grid:

    When using validation provider the icon is displayed when an error occurs.  If we do some manual validation and set the row’s ErrorDescription to something the icon gets displayed.  So far so good.  If we set the ErrorDescription to String.Empty (such as when the user corrects the problem) the icon goes away.  Still good.  BUT if the user does something afterwords and the validation provider finds a problem it will not display the error icon (though it still highlights the cell in red and the tooltip shows the error message from the criterion).  The icon will come back only when we set the ErrorDescription to a non empty string.  If we reload the grid then we it all starts over again.

     Is there a better way to tell the row there is no more error besides setting ErrorDescription to String.empty that will allow the icon to be displayed on subsequent failures of the validation provider?

     Images below to better illustrate the issue, hopefully they work.

    Fig 1: ValidationProvider fails and correctly sets icon. — GOOD

     ValidationProvider fails -- GOOD

    Fig 2: Manual validation fails and we set ErrorDescription to something. — GOOD

    Setting ErrorDescription -- GOOD 

    Fig 3: After setting ErrorDescription to String.Empty and subsequently ValidationProvider fails but doesn’t set the icon — BAD

     ValidationProvider fails after setting ErrorDescription to String.Empty -- BAD

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    Dear Nick,


    I could not reproduce this behaviour. I was using a criterion with automatic validation and setting the row.ErrorDescription.


    It could be that the error description is manually set to String.Empty just after the automatic validation is triggered or something like that. Validation steps (both manual and automatic) can execute at during various states based on events handlers on both the grid and in your application.


    Tracing the application might be the only way to understand what is happening.


    Can you send us a code snippet along with your detailed scenario information that reproduces this issue?


    You can email your code at support@xceed.com

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