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    There is an OutOfRangeException being thrown in a Grid bound to an IBindingList (inside or outside a DataGridViewSource) everytime you are editing a cell and you loose focus changing it to another window.

    You can recreate this in the Live Explorer included in the download. Following this:

    1.- Go to “Binding Data” option.
    2.- In “Select a data source to bind to” select “Custom IBindingList as source”.
    3.- Put any cell in edit mode by clicking it.
    4.- While in edit mode, click any other option in the left panel. For Example: “Organizing data”.

    The exception should be thrown.

    This only happens with Custom IBindingList not with the other options as data sources.

    The version that is shown in the upper right corner of the Live Explorer window is 1.3.7559.11410.

    Any advice?

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    We are currently in the process of rolling out the first service release for version 1.3.

    I have tested with the service release and cannot reproduce this issue.

    The package for the service release has already been uploaded onto our server and is available through this link:

    <a href=”http://download3.xceedsoft.com/Packages/3.2.7570.10530/XceedComponents.exe”>http://download3.xceedsoft.com/Packages/3.2.7570.10530/XceedComponents.exe</a&gt;

    The Updates page of the Xceed web site should be updated soon with the service release. Meanwhile, you can use this link to download it.

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