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    It is possible to encrypt the data before encoding it using the SubProcessing property of the Xceed Binary Encoding Library. In order to do this, you will need to do the following:

    1- Declare and instance of the Xceed Binary Encoding Library, the Base64 EncodingFormat as well as the RSA EncryptionMethod (to encrypt the data).

    Dim xEncode As New XceedBinaryEncoding
    Dim xRsa As New XceedRSAEncryptionMethod
    Dim xBase64 As New XceedBase64EncodingFormat

    2- Set the public and private key pair(s) you want to use. You can either generate them automatically using the SetRandomKeyPair of the RSAEncryptionMethod, or you can set the PublicKey and PrivateKey properties manually. Keep in mind that keys MUST be of the OAEP standard.

    Call xRsa.SetRandomKeyPair(512, Empty)

    ‘Dim vaPublicKey As Variant
    ‘xRsa.PublicKey = vaPublicKey

    3- Next, set the some properties of the Base64 object and assign the EncryptionMethod to it’s SubProcessing property. Once this is done, assign the Base64 EncodingFormat to the EncodingFormat property of the Xceed Binary Encoding Library.

    xBase64.EndOfLineType = bltNone
    Set xBase64.SubProcessing = xRsa
    Set xEncode.EncodingFormat = xBase64

    4- You are now ready to encode and decode your data!

    Dim vaSource As Variant
    vaSource = “This is a test”

    Dim vaDestination As Variant
    vaDestination = xEncode.Encode(vaSource, True)
    Debug.Print StrConv(vaDestination, vbUnicode)
    Debug.Print xEncode.Decode(vaDestination, True)

    5- Don’t forget to release your instances once you are finished;

    Set xRsa = Nothing
    Set xBase64 = Nothing
    Set xEncode = Nothing

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