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    For the moment, firewall types other than SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5 are not automatically supported when using the FirewallType property. However, you can usually still work through the firewall. To do so, start by setting the Xceed FTP Library’s ServerAddress property to the address of your firewall (not the FTP server to connect to!).

    Next, set the Username property to the username to log in to the FTP server, followed by the “@” symbol, followed by the FTP server’s host name. Finally, set the Password property to the password needed for the user being logged in to the FTP server. The connect method should now connect you to the FTP server through your firewall. If it doesn’t, it might also be necessary to set the ServerPort property to the port of your firewall.

    The code would look something like this:

    XceedFtp1.ServerAddress = “”
    XceedFtp1.UserName = “jacobs@ftp.myftpserver.com”
    XceedFtp1.Password = “ladder”
    Call XceedZip1.Connect

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