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    another thing that keeps me puzzled:

    I built a grid with some lookup style columns (i.e columns displaying a lookup value for the actual item within the underlying

    datarow by using a comboboxviewer and comboboxeditor). Now the problem is this:

    I want to export the data that is displayed within the grid, but I can only access the cell value, but there seems to be no way

    (that I know of) to access the displayed value. The documentation indicates, that it should be  possible by querying the CellViewerManager

    of the cell, maybe by calling its GetText(..) method, but there is no example and the usage remains quite unclear.

    Anyone stumbled upon a similar problem?


    Kind regards


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    Hi Dietmar,

    If you are going to export the contents of the DataCells to Excel as an example, you will need to loop through each row and then loop through each cell and grabs its contents and export them. The reason why Xceed did not implement this feature is because the exporting would take too long. It would be even slower if the Grid contained thousands and thousands of rows. It was faster to export the values in the underlying collection rather than the cells contents.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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