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    We get an exception when using Xceed Zip RT .Net to open zips created by IP*Works! Zip ver. 6.

    See the full error message and code below.

     Our questions:

    1) How to know which compression method corresponds to each number in the error message?

    What compression methods correspond to the 12336 and 22796 codes in the error message (see below) ?

    2) How to make the Xceed ZipReader class use a custom or external reader when it finds an unknown compression method?

    Code and the full exception message:

            public void UnzipFiles(string zipFileName, string destDir, out string log)
                log = string.Empty;

                //The source Zip archive
                using (FileStream fileStream1 = new FileStream(zipFileName,
                   FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
                    //Must seek to the beginning of the stream before reading.
                    fileStream1.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

                    //Create the ZipReader around the stream.
                    Xceed.Zip.ReaderWriter.ZipReader zipReader1 = new

                    zipReader1.InvalidPassword += new EventHandler<ZipReaderInvalidPasswordEventArgs>(zipReader_InvalidPassword);               

                    ZipItemLocalHeader zipItemLocalHeader = null;
                    //Read the local headers until no more are found

                    /////////// next line throws the exception!
      //               ZipReader exception
      //               first :            CompressionMethod 12336 not supported by ZipReader.
      //               and other times:   CompressionMethod 22796 not supported by ZipReader.

                    while ((zipItemLocalHeader = zipReader1.ReadItemLocalHeader()) != null)
                        // sometimes this loop iterates once too often with an “\0\0\0\0” file name
                        // that doesn’t exist in the zip archive –
                        // ignore this fake file name
                        if (zipItemLocalHeader.FileName.StartsWith((string)(new string(‘\0’, 1))) &&
                            ! zipItemLocalHeader.IsFolder)
                        log += “\n\r\n file in zip: ” + zipItemLocalHeader.FileName;
                        string extratedFileFullName = destDir + @”\\” + zipItemLocalHeader.FileName;
                        FileStream extractedFileStream = new FileStream(extratedFileFullName,

                        byte[] buffer = new byte[8192];
                        int read = 0;

                        //Read the item’s data until no more is left
                        while ((read = zipReader1.ReadItemData(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) > 0)
                            //Do something with the data in ‘buffer’
                            extractedFileStream.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);



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    1) This means the zip file format of this file is different than the PKWare standard. Can you send us a sample zip file and mention this forum post? This will help us identify what can be wrong with the component.


    2) You cannot use an external reader with our component.


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