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    To select one or more rows in code, you can add (or remove) rows from grid’s SelectedRows property. Any row can be selected and added to the grid’s collection of SelectedRows as long as its CanBeSelected property is set to true. Keep in mind that the current row is not the same thing as the selected row and that the current row might not be part of the grid’s selected rows.


    GridControl1.SelectedRows.Add( GridControl1.DataRows( 0 ) )

    Dim row As New TextRow( “This is my text row” )

    row.CanBeSelected = True

    GridControl1.FixedFooterRows.Add( row )
    GridControl1.SelectedRows.Add( row )


    gridControl1.SelectedRows.Add( gridControl1.DataRows[ 0 ] );

    TextRow row = new TextRow( “This is my text row” );

    row.CanBeSelected = true;

    gridControl1.FixedFooterRows.Add( row );
    gridControl1.SelectedRows.Add( row );


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