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    I want to print all my Reports in dot matrix printer. But it;s pretty slow if i use truetype fonts like Arial, Verdana etc., So I want to use draft fonts which will be installed If you install any dot matrix printer drivers [Ex: Epson LX800]. you can see and use Draft fonts [non true type] in MS-Word/Excel/Access and even in Crystal Reports and print Reports in faster mode [non graphical]

    how can I achieve the same in Xceed Grid.

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    You should be able to assign the “Draft fonts” exactly like you would do with regular fonts. The only problem could be with .NET. If the “Graphics” .NET class supports “Draft fonts”, than we do too.

    Report rep = new Report( this.gridControl1 );
    gridControl1.ReportSettings.ColumnLayout = ColumnLayout.FitToPage;

    rep.ReportStyleSheet.Grid.Font = new Font( “Arial”, 14 );


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