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    I have two different setup files for x86 and x64.

    I’d like to create only one executable with Xceed which includes both setup programs.  When the executable is executed on x86 system, it can invoke the x86 setup program after unzip and invoke x64 setup program if it’s on x64 system.  Is there anyway to do this?

    I added a dos batch file, which will determine system property then invoke the invoke the corresponding setup program.  I set the batch file as SfxExecuteAfter, but it didn’t work.

    Could you let me know if there is anyway to achieve this?  Thank you.

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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Java,

    The Sfx binary modules do not support this, but using a batch file with SfxExecuteAfter should work.

    For example, you could use the following value for the SfxExecuteAfter property:

      cmd.exe|/c IF “%%ProgramFiles(x86)%%XXX”==”XXX” (SetupX86.exe) ELSE (SetupX64.exe)

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