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    I am new to VB.NET programming (used to program in VB3) and I am sourcing a potential grid product for my company. I am not sure whether Xceed grid can have to do what I need.  We have a rather complex ‘excel-like’ data entry form that looks like this:

                  column-1   column-2   ..   column-10   column-11   .. column-13 ……  cloumn-X   column-(X+1)  colum-(X+2)  column-(X+3)






     Data for colmun-1 to column-3 is from Table-A.   Data for column-4 to column-6 from Table-B, … etc.

    The number of columns from column-13 to column-X will be dynamics (number of sub-orders under an main order entry), from Table-C

    Column-(X+1) is from Table-D.   All columns from Column-1 to Column-(X+1) are for user to verify the data before calculation

    Column-(X+2) and Column-(X+3) will be calculated based on values on other columns.

     In the background, there are hidden version number that must be incremented automatically upon update. 

    There is  record in Table-X that must be locked in the background with the form was entered

    The number of rows may be 20 or so , thus scrolling up/down will be needed

    Will Xceed grid tools greatly help me to simplify the work ?  How can I archive the version number increment just before the update and also locking a row of Table-X  ?

    Some programmers in our team wants to do SQL and select data and the bind the field one-by-one to the screen using VB program but I think we should be using good tools to do this kind of stuff.

    Any ideas on Xceed features that are helpful is much appreciated.



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    Forgot to mention that application will be developed in VB.NET (2005 or 2008) and will be connected to SQL Server 2008, as client-server application.  Eventually, we also want to do the same via ASP.NET application, so I would like to know similar can be done using the Xceed grid for ASP.NET.



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    this is feasible but we have no code samples to illustrate it.  The general idea would be to define a Class where the columns (from the four tables) you have mentionned would be the class properties.  This is not too complicated as long as you are just reading your different tables.  If you want to write to them, then, this is another story. 

    If I have a chance, I will try to build a sample application within the next two (end of August).  It depends on the rest will go.

    Can you confirm that you are going to use the four tables as “read-only” or if you will have to write to any of them?

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