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    I’m a newbie to WPF and to the Xceed DataGrid, so please excuse if this is a really dumb question, but how do i capture when the user edits one of the cells of the grid? I am porting some Windows Forms code which simply captures the:


    event, but i can’t see an analogous event in the Xceed data grid… Can someone help me?

    I have figured out that you can get change notifications from DependencyProperties, so that explains where many of the events have gone, but still can’t see how that allows me to capture cell changes (i have managed to capture selection changes for example).

    Appreciation in advance.


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    Hi Scott,

    There are currently no events that allow the edit process to be “monitored”; however, this is on our list of feature requests. For the moment, you may want to try handling a property-changed event on IsBeingEdited.

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