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    Using a manhattan chart, I am adding several BarSeries.

    The axis are count (vertical), hour of day (0-23) X, and a text name Z.

    Is there a quick way to tell the chart to use the next default color when I add the next BarSeries to my chart?

    I have the count and hour of day displaying on the chart, but I do not know how to add the text name to the chart.  It defaults to 1, 2, 3,… 

    Any help is appreciated!

     Thanks in Advance

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    Hi James,

    If you look at the Xceed Chart Explorer for .Net, you will see that if you need to change the labels on the Axes, you can access the Labels collection from the Axis of the ChartControl instance. For example:

    // add axis labels
          m_Chart.Axis(StandardAxis.Depth).DimensionScale.AutoLabels = false;
          m_Chart.Axis(StandardAxis.Depth).Labels.Add(“Los Angeles”);
          m_Chart.Axis(StandardAxis.Depth).Labels.Add(“New York”);

    If you need to know the labels of the axes, this page from Xceed’s online documentation should help clarify it for you:


    You would need to set the AutoLabels to false in order to make this work though.

    Also, there is no quick way to set a default color for a Bar when they are being added. What you can do is write your own BarSeries class and add a DefaultFIllColor property which would automatically set the fill color of the bar. This is the only possible way that I can think of.

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