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    Create a blank VB project and add three controls to it:
    – A button with the name btnAdd.
    – A button with the name btnRemove.
    – An edit control with the name txtNewItem
    – A SmartUI control called SmartUI1

    Then, in the button add event, you can use the following code to add an item to the list:

    Private Sub btnAdd_Click()
        SmartUI1.SmartItems.Add , , txtNewItem.Text, ListItemFullRow
    End Sub

    Private Sub btnRemove_Click()
        If Not SmartUI1.SelectedItem Is Nothing Then
            SmartUI1.SmartItems.Remove (SmartUI1.SelectedItem.Index)
        End If
    End Sub

    Applies to Xceed SmartUI (ActiveX). Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Xceed admin (had 1477 views)

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