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    You need to update the Catalog file to reflect the new directory. You need to use the RecreateCatalogs method and update your catalog on a new directory. The extra code you need to setup would look like the following (in VB):

    Dim xResultCode As bkpError

    ‘ — Original Catalog Directory —
    XceedBackup1.CatalogFolder = “D:\Backup\Catalogs”

    ‘ — New Catalog and Directory —
    xResultCode = XceedBackup1.RecreateCatalogs(“Example backups”, “D:\Backup”)

    If xResultCode = 0 Then
       MsgBox “Your catalogs were recreated successfully.”
       MsgBox “Error recreating catalogs. Error description: (” & Str(xResultCode) & “) ” &    XceedBackup1.GetErrorDescription(bvtError, xResultCode)
       Exit Sub
    End If

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