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    I have a problem.

    I am working entering data in a insertionrow with three cells, product_code , product_description and price.

    I put a value in a “code” cell and then i run a query to a sql db to get the description of this product, and put the description in a “description cell” or give an error. i am doing this operation like this :

    i subscribe handler for


    And in the function :


    If marticulos.Buscar(InsertionRow1.Cells(“CODE”).Value ) Then  (HERE I DO THE QUERY)




    “DESCART”).Value = marticulos.AsString(“DESCART”)







    “Articulo inexistente”, MsgBoxStyle.Information, “Mensaje Informativo”)  (ERROR)

    End If

    <END CODE>

    But the value doesn’t appears in the description cell.

    How can i do this in insertion and data row?

    How can i update a cell (unbound mode) and, without leaving the row’s edit, see the changes?

    Thank you






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    Hi AUre, 

     I tried the following in the Solid Foundation example and it seemed to work without any problems: 


     insertionRow1.Cells[“CategoryID”].EditLeft += new EditLeftEventHandler(SolidFoundation_EditLeft);  



        void SolidFoundation_EditLeft(object sender, EditLeftEventArgs e)


            insertionRow1.Cells[“UnitPrice”].Value = 100;



    If this doesn’t help, can you send us a self contained sample application that reproduces your problem so that we investigate this in more detail?

    You can send it to support@xceed.com, please include a reference to this forum post in your email.  

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