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    how is the idea handling “selection changed”? I found some ways, but not sure what is the right…

    1.) WPF like is casting SelectedItems as System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection<object>
    Than you are free to observe it with CollectionChanged += …
    But why has ‘SelectedItems’ ‘IList’ as returntype??? It is easier but not helpful.

    2.) Register on PropertyChanged-Events and filter for “ItemChanged” but in documentation is written, that it is may be the same like selecteditem. May be !!!

    Some more ideas?


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    1) This scenario was already discussed a lot… Let’s say that for the moment, the property is “castable” as a INotifyCollectionChanged. 😉

    2) Alternatly, you can use a DependencyPropertyDescriptor for the SelectedItemProperty to register a changed handler…

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