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    The Grouping sample is a great example of providing a custom GroupNameFromItem and SortComparer to do “arbitrary” grouping on grid items.

    My suggestion would be to take this one step further and provide a method like MultipleGroupNamesFromItem that would return an *array* of group names. The same item would possibly appear in the grid multiple times — once for each of the returned group names.

    The best example of why this would be useful can be found in Outlook 2007. You can assign one or more categories to each e-mail in your Inbox. If you assign two categories to a single e-mail, and then group by category, you will find the same item displayed under both groups.

    Our application has a number of fields like “Categories” that really need this functionality. Thanks for your consideration!

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    This feature is currently not “possible” out-of-the-box from the DataGridControl point of view.

    However, it would be possible for you to build an Object-Model that re-creates this behavior for your particular data-source (i.e. have one “object” that represent/link the same data for each category ).

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