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    I have been using Xceed grid for display only data and am very happy with this aspect of it. However I have a need to have an editable grid on a form, and am running into numerous problems, I am using 3.0.

    First, if I edit a cell, and then change rows, the values are lost that I edited. In the CurrentRowChanged event I am checking if the row is being edited and then calling an EndEdit, and also the same for EndingEdit and EditEnded events. These last two will fire if I click an add button, but will not fire in other more normal circumstances. This is my primary issue with the grid, and obviously makes it unusable as an edit grid.

    Also, I cannot make the single click edit feature to work, regardless if I set true/false, I need to double click the cell.

    I’m not sure if it matters or not, but I am still on a trial license key.

    Thanks for any advice


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    Hi Sammy,

    It is unlikely that it is the trial license key. These are issues that need to be reported to They may already have fixes for all this, if not, we will address them in a timely manner as part of ensuring the new 3.0 (with its many improvements and changes to editing) is solid and we can move on to the next version.


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