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    Hi there,


    I have displayed data in Xceed  Data Grid  via DataTable.

     DataTable dt = getProfile();

     gridView2.ItemsSource = new DataGridCollectionView(dt.DefaultView); 


    I dont want user to make edit the data in the xceed datagrid itself but rather make edit in another window or popup. There is a Column named ID that is unique to each row in the datagrid and the database also so I need the cell value of selected row in another button click event or double click event of grid will also do.  

     I want to do something like this.

    int id = gridView2.SelectedRow.Cells[“ID”].Value; 


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    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    Hi Rocky,

    To get the content of a specific cell within a selected row you could do the following:

                DataRowView row = OrdersGrid.SelectedItem as DataRowView;
                List<Object> items = row.Row.ItemArray.ToList();
                Console.WriteLine(OrdersGrid.SelectedItem.GetType() + ”   ” + items[0] + ” ” + items [1]);

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    Can you only call this by Integer? I want to be able to click on a cell, get the value in the clicked cell or a value in the same row above by Column Name.

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