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    I am using the Xceed Library 1.1. component in C# .Net 2003. The GetFolderContents works perfect when the files on the FTP folder is less then 200. When the files accumlated up to 300 or above, it will generate an error of “The remote file could not be opened by the FTP server.”

    Here is my two lines of codes

    XceedFtpLib.XceedFtp ftpServer = new XceedFtpLib.XceedFtpClass();
    object folderItems = ftpServer.GetFolderContents( “*.*.done”, XceedFtpLib.EXFContentsFormat.fcfCollection );

    Is it a bug of the component or what is wrong here?

    many thanks


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    I tried it and wasn’t able to reproduce it. I tested it with more than 500+ files.

    Here is the code I used to test:

    XceedFtp ftpClient = new XceedFtpClass();
    ftpClient.License( “license key” );

    ftpClient.ServerAddress = @”Server”;
    ftpClient.UserName = “user”;
    ftpClient.Password = “pass”;


    ftpClient.ChangeCurrentFolder( @”TestFolder” );

    XceedFtpFolderItems items = ( XceedFtpFolderItems )ftpClient.GetFolderContents( “”, EXFContentsFormat.fcfCollection );

    int value = 0;
    foreach( XceedFtpFolderItem item in items )
    Console.WriteLine( value.ToString() + “/” + items.Count.ToString() + “: ” + item.ItemName );


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