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    I’ve got a custom CardView control template defined as a ResourceDictionary in my WPF application (hope that makes sense).

    Then I have a button defined in a DataCell on each “card” (row) in the ResourceDictionary, that when clicked, will perform some operations on the data contained in the current row. I’ve got a event defined that fires when the button is clicked but I’m not sure how to get the grid’s CurrentItem property so that I know which row the button was clicked for.

    How can I get the currently selected item in the code behind of the Resource Dictionary?

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    The DataGridControl.ParentDataGridControl attached property can be used to access the parent DataGridControl for any row/cell object…

    typical usage:

    DataGridControl parentGrid = DataGridControl.GetParentDataGridControl( myCell );
    if( parentGrid != null)
    //do stuff

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