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    I work in a trading environment and our apps use grids with lots of streaming updates (the grids are bound to DataSets, but no direct connections to the database, no user-provided edits). The updates arrive asynchronously via a messaging layer and are synchronized to the UI thread appropriately.

    When an event arrives, we want to update a single row in a large table, and potentially do other formating stuff as well. For instance, we have handlers listening to DataRowTemplate.Cell.ValueChanged events that change row and cell colors based on various values, etc.

    I notice that this event gets called properly whenever I add a new row to the underling DataTable. However, if I simply update the value an of existing row in the DataTable, it seems like ValueChanged doesn’t get called unless I add the call

    grid.DataSource = myDataSet

    Is this the most efficient/expected way to handle this situation? Is there a specific way I can ask only the affected DataRow to update itself based on the changed Row in the DataTable?

    Here’s a concrete example:

    I have 1000 rows, each showing the number of shares held in a particular stock. A new trade comes in and updates the amount of IBM held in the account from 100 to 200. I update the corresponding row in the DataTable. What should I do to efficiently update just the corresponding DataRow in the grid – i.e. just the row for IBM. Is that how

    grid.DataSource = myDataSet

    is designed to work?

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    Solved – I think:

    Further research on this board led me to try subscribing to the event


    This seems to work as expected, but is poorly documented for such an important use case.

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