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    Does Xceed FTP allow uploads over SSL from behind proxy? According to this post it doesn’t but that was 2006. Using the trial version, I have tried to do FTP upload from behind ISA 2006 proxy by assigning to FtpClient object’s Proxy property an instance of HttpProxyClient. This throws exception with following message:

    A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

    If no proxy is assigned (ftpClient.Proxy=null;), Xceed upload is successful from behind the proxy. That uses Implicit SSL (is there a way to do Explicit SSL FTP upload via Xceed?).

    If you have further questions please ask, I have spent whole of yesterday experimenting with this.

    Thanks in advance!

    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Okash (had 2123 views)

    Xceed Support
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    Hi Okash, 

    EXPLICIT SSL” occurs when the connection is e

    stablished in clear text and a special FTP command is sent to the Secure FTP server to change the connection into an SSL/TLS connection. In order to achieve an “Explicit SSL Connection”, you must call the Connect() method without SSL parameters, and then call the Authenticate() method later on before calling the Login() method.
    Code Sample:
        client.Connect( servername );
        client.Authenticate(AuthenticationMethod.Ssl, VerificationFlags.None, null, DataChannelProtection.Private );
        client.Login( username, password );

    To work with a proxy, our FTP component requires the IP address of the public address to which the client will be connecting to be entered as the “proxyHost” in the code below and the IP address to which the host is relaying the connection should be the “ftpHost”.  This is the way our FTP component can establish a valid FTP-through-proxy connection.
    Code Sample:
        FtpClient client = new FtpClient();

        HttpProxyClient proxy = new HttpProxyClient( “proxyHost”, 8080, “user”, “pass” );

        client.Proxy = proxy;
        client.Connect( “ftpHost” );


    Alain Jreij,

    Xceed Technical Support 

    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Alain [Xceed] (had 1586 views)

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