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    We have encountered a rather frustrating null reference exception that is being thrown while attempting to call GridControl.DataRows.Clear().
    Stack trace:

        at Xceed.Grid.Row.GetParentGridFromContainingList(IStructuredList structuredList)

       at Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid.IsParentOf(Row row)

       at Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid.ClearGridBody(Boolean unbindSubGrid)

       at Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid.DataManager_DataRowsChanged(DataRowsChangedEventArgs e)

       at Xceed.Grid.DataManager.InvokeOnDataRowsChanged(DataRowsChangedEventArgs e)

       at Xceed.Grid.Collections.DataRowList.OnClearComplete()

       at Xceed.Utils.Collections.ListBase.InternalClear()

       at Xceed.Utils.Collections.ListBase.ListClear()

       at Xceed.Grid.Collections.DataRowList.Clear()

       at SmcManager.ScriptMaintenance_Form.LoadScripts(Int32 selectedScriptId) in C:\dev\smc\HolidayInn\SmcManager\ScriptMaintenance_Form.cs:line 137 

     Please advise; I am ready and willing to supply more context.


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    I don’t know why this happened the way it did, but I had subscribed to the two Sort-related events and the exception was actually caused by my code (I was using GridControl.SelectedRows.ResetTo(row) and “row” did not belong to the grid- the gridcontrol was calling the _Sorted event when I did not expect it to). It took some realy digging, as the exception that was thrown was misleading and I had to get creative in finding the solution.

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