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    Hello ,
           We have installed 
    Xceed Zip for .NET 4.1  on our Local Machine and Exceed Licensed Version that we are using is  V3.2.10075.13300. We are Facing below two different  issues at the time of Zipping Process in VB.Net
    1)Issue With InterNational FileNames :
           We have one File Name with Japnise naming format
    bあなたのお名前を入力してください_ReadOnly.docx . When we are creating the Zip file with belwo setting for the ZipArchive Object then we have set  DefaultUnicodeUsagePolicy and DefaultTextEncoding  as shown in code Snippet
    ‘Create a ZipArchive object to access the zip file
    Dim zip As New ZipArchive(zipFile)
    zip.DefaultCompressionMethod = CompressionMethod.Deflated
    zip.DefaultEncryptionPassword = “”
    zip.DefaultEncryptionMethod = EncryptionMethod.Compatible
    zip.AllowSpanning = True
    zip.DefaultUnicodeUsagePolicy = UnicodeUsagePolicy.Always
    zip.DefaultTextEncoding = TextEncoding.Unicode
          Using the CopyTo and CopyFilesTo Functions File get successfully Zipped  at the required location but when we extract this file then is not shown in correct International Name Format . As shown below
    Please suggest proper way or change in source code to get international Filename Format when Zip File is get Extracted.
    2)Issue With Long File Names 

    At the time of Zipping we are Using the  DiskFolder,ZipArchive and DiskFile Objects. 


    ‘Create a DiskFile object for the specified zip filename

    Dim zipFile As New DiskFile(zipFilename)

    ‘Create a DiskFolder object for the specified zip filename

    Dim source As New DiskFolder(sourceFolder)

    we are using the Long Filenames in our Application and our Media of Storage supports more than 256 characters FileNames. At the time of Exceed Zip processing using DiskFolder Object ,


    Component Fires below mentioned error
    An unexpected internal failure occurred in the FileSystem component, or one of its descendants. Type: Xceed.FileSystem.DiskFolder FullName: 


    Please suggest correct Solution to this issue so that  we can proceed Further.

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    Please note that UTF-8 character encoding in headers for improved support of international characters in filenames and comments is provided from the Xceed Zip for .NET version 4.1.

    Long filenames and UNC paths are also available on the version 4.1

    The solution would be to unlock these features using a valid registered 4.1 license key.

    A 3.2 license key will not give you that access.



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    I couldn’t found a right post thread but I think the issue I’m having is related to the current thread.

    I’m using the following “4.1.9460.14460” version of Xceed Zip for .NET to zip files and add comments to the zip but using a Chinese OS the comments I can put Chinese chars that cause a strange behaviour, I don’t understand why the comments are truncated, if I remove all chinese chars from the comments I can put long comments without any problem.

    I don’t know if there is a maximum lenght for the zip comments, as I know the Zip components by default use unicode to encode the zipped files and comments so I expect that any char can be saved in the zip comments.



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