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    we are currently testing the Xceed Ultimate Suite. In one of our projects, where we plan to use Xceed Zip, we have to estimate the expected compression rate of files and folders.

    Is it possible to do such estimations with Xceed Zip without real compression of the files? If yes, which approach would you advise?

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    Jens Horn

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    Xceed Support
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    Hi Jens,

    The component can’t estimate the compression rate. The data has to be compressed for the compression ratio to be known.

    The compression rate depends on the type of data and the compression method used and the component can’t guess the type of data.

    Nothing is absolute but in general, you will get size reductions

    – between 30% and 60% for executable/dll files,
    – between 60% and 90% for text files,
    – between 0% and 10% for encrypted data, jpeg images and video files.

    CompressionMethod.Deflated, CompressionMethod.Deflated64, the ratios
    will be on the lower end of the values mentioned above and for the other
    methods in the CompressionMethod enumeration, the values will be on the
    higher end.

    CompressionMethod.Deflated offers the best speed and
    an acceptable compression ratio. And if interoperability with other zip
    tools is required, it is the best choice.

    has the best balance between speed and great compression ratio across
    all data types. It is not supported by all zip utilities however. So
    beware if interoperability is important.

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