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    I have a Grid bound to a Data View, which works find and data is bound to the grid:

    protected void BindItemsGrid()
    DataView myDv = _myDv;
    dgvOrders.DataSource = myDv;

    //I have one cell within the grid that I want the user to be able
    //to edit. When the user has finished editing the value the just entered will
    //be shown in a message box (eventually this will update value in database)

    int testToShowthisIsCounting = 0;
    foreach(Cell cell in dataRowTemplate1.Cells)
    //create the eventHandler
    cell.EditLeft += new EditLeftEventHandler(InputOrder_EditLeft);

    testToShowthisIsCounting = testToShowthisIsCounting + 1;
    //show the value of testToShowthisIsCounting, this works and shows the number of cells
    MessageBox.Show(“test:” + testToShowthisIsCounting .ToString());

    private void InputOrder_EditLeft(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Xceed.Grid.Cell cell = (Xceed.Grid.Cell)sender;
    string inputValue = cell.Value.ToString();
    MessageBox.Show(“you input:” + inputValue );

    The testToShowthisIsCounting shows the value equal to the number of cells on the grid however when i they to update a value in the cell it does not show the inputValue, ie InputOrder_EditLeft does not seem to be firing?

    Any ideas where I’m going wrong???


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    This should work. Which version of the grid are you using? The only suggestion I have at this point is to send an application reproducing the issue to <a href=”mailto:support@xceedsoft.com”>support</a>, so we can investigate this further.

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