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    If I have a User Control that is dynamically loaded:

    CtrlUsers ctrlUsers = new CtrlUsers();

    GridControl is the Microsoft WPF control and CtrlUsers contains the Xceed WPF DataGrid.

    This method that returns a list of test users resides on the MainForm.xaml code behind, the same form CtrlUsers is dynamically loaded from.
    private List<PersonDto> GetUsers()
    List<PersonDto> personList = new List<PersonDto>();
    for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
    PersonDto person = new PersonDto();
    person.FirstName = “Test”;
    person.LastName = “User” + i;
    return personList;

    What is the best way to bind the Exceed WPF DataGrid inside the CtrlUsers User Control from GetUsers method?

    Thanks for any help
    Brian K. Williams

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    Xceed Support
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    I would investigate the use of ObjectDataProvider to retrieve the data from your methods…

    Other than that, I can also suggest transforming the method into a property and then use a Binding with a FindAncestor RelativeSource ( AncestorType would be your MainForm`s type).

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