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    Hi everyone,

    I have set the ItemSource property to an Enumerable Collection (which is changing dynamically by our Entity-Framework).
    I have created the columns manually (because I want to show only a subset of the data).
    At first, the data is displayed according to the enumerable. When I change something via the DataGrid, it doesn’t update the enumerable member. Only when I sort (or move) the columns, the enumerable gets its update.
    The same happens in the opposite direction – if the collection changes, it only updates the DataGrid when re-sorting or moving the columns seperator.

    I would like to have dynamic-binding, i.e. update the collection whenever our user changes something through the DataGrid, and update the DataGrid whenever our collection changes.


    <Xceed:DataGridControl x:name=”DataGrid1″ AutoCreateColumns=”False”/>


    (note: enumrable1 = IEnumrable from entity framework, columnsDetails = names of columns that should be used)

    DataGrid1.ItemsSource = enumrable1;

     foreach (var x in columnsDetails) { DataGrid1.Columns.Add(new Column(x.PropertyName, x.Header, null);}


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      For the DataGridControl to receive change notifications from the Data Source, the Data Source needs to implement either IBindingList or INotifyCollectionChanged. I also recommend encapsulating the Data Source within a DataGridCollectionView to benefit from several optimizations made ( grouping, sorting, insertion, … ).

      For the DataGridControl to receive change notifications from the elements within the Data Source, the elements need to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or use DependencyProperties (through base class DependencyObject).

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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