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    some days ago I inserted a critical entry into this forum. I wrote that some of the issues in the forum are open since weeks and that I have to wait some days for an answer during my trial phase.

    Xceed deleted this post and sent me the answer shown below.

    I would like to ask the Xceed staff to understand my situation. I downloaded the product and then had some issues that stopped the development process. I experienced that I had to wait about 2-3 days for an answer. This was rather frustrating.

    At this time I did not know that you sell higher levels of support for an additional fee when buying the product. Please understand that this does not help me as a trial user! Of course, I would not buy your Vanguard support before testing the product.

    I find it rather suspicious that you remove critical posts from your forum instead of simply let the public know of what you think.

    Regards, Mario



    Von: Xceed Online Forums [mailto:webmaster@xceedsoft.com]
    Gesendet: Dienstag, 8. August 2006 22:28
    An: mario.muja@gmx.de
    Betreff: Xceed Discussion Forums: Your post has been delete

    At 8/7/2006 3:21:22 PM a message you posted title “support calls not answered” to the Xceed Grid for .NET forum was deleted by the forum moderator. The moderator provided the following reason(s) for deleting your post:

    We deleted your post because we feel it does not reflect the level of support we provided to you.

    We provide free support to all users, and in most cases we answer within 24 hours. We consider this acceptable.

    Consequently, users have to be reasonable in the number of request they make. In your case, we have received at least 13 requests in the last 5 days (including saturday and sunday, which means we received all this within 3 business days), and only 4 of them are still unanswered. We think we have provided more than decent support.

    Forums are mainly for peer to peer interaction, as stated at the top of this page :
    “Remember, the forums are for general interest topics. Contact support for prompt answers to technical questions”

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    I would like to add that I am very pleased about the features of the Xceed Grid.

    The intuitive object model and the concept of virtual methods for drawing foreground, background and borders for each grid element helped me at lot during my first days compared to other products.

    However, prompt support in a form that is viewable for the public is even more important to me than a bunch of features. I simply would like to see the support issues that others have sent to you. I am sure, I could learn a lot from these posts.

    Regards, Mario

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    We try to moderate the forums to keep the topics about our products. This is why we have removed the post. Here is the answer we have sent :

    Hi Mario,

    We understand that our customers and potential customers are under tight schedules, this is why we try to answer within 24 business hours. We removed the post from the forums because we did not feel it was necessary to resolve issues specific to one user on a public forum. We know we can’t please everyone however, we try our best to keep everyone satisfied.

    If you agree to it, we would gladly continue answering your questions as promptly as we can however you have to understand that the amount of questions you have sent us is highly uncommon.
    I suggest that you make sure to benefit from the samples : C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Grid for .NET 3.1\Samples

    You also have online documentation here :


    And finally, the Grid Sample Explorer :

    C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Bin\.NET\Xceed.Grid.Samples.LiveExplorer.exe

    Keep in mind that we have not deleted or banned your user from our forums : mario.muja and mario_muja are both active. We do moderate the forums however and try to keep the posting about our products. If you have an issue with our service or product, you can contact us directly by email at sales@xceedsoft.com or support@xceedsoft.com.

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