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        I just want to know if the Xceed libraries were able to untar .tra.Z files. Am facing an error when ever I try to untar these file. Any type of help will be appreciated. 
        the error I get when I use GZippedFile to untar is 
    A GZIP signature was not found where one was expected.
    Type: Xceed.FileSystem.DiskFile
    FullName: C:\Inetpub\grabs\Xceed testgrabs\test.tar.Z 
    So am again using  ZipArchive() but even then am getting the following error.
     The zip end header signature could not be found in the zip file.
    Zip file: C:\Inetpub\grabs\Xceed testgrabs\test.tar.Z

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    Hi Aravind,

    Unfortunately, our components do not support .Tar.Z files.

    However, we do support .Tar.GZ files. Further information can be found in our online documentation:

    then, Basic Concepts->Tar and GZip capabilities



    Xceed Technical Support

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