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    Hi guys,

    I have registered the Xceed grid on my machine with license key I get. It works me without problems. I have completed all license entrance instructions from Xceed help. I have copied bin\Debug folder with my test application to another machine. This folder includes Xceed.Wpf.Controls.dll and Xceed.Wpf.DataGrid.dll files too. And my application fails when I try to run it. I have tried to debug the failure with windows debugger and in exception message I get license problem.

    What does it mean? What should I do to avoid it? What else should I distribute to that machine to run my application?

    Thanks a lot

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    Xceed Support
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    Just to triple-check here, when licensing the product, you did set the license into the code in the App.xaml.cs file:

    public partial class App : System.Windows.Application

      protected override void OnStartup( StartupEventArgs e )
         Xceed.Wpf.DataGrid.Licenser.LicenseKey =
    base.OnStartup( e  );


    Could you send us the complete error message you are receiving? Are you using the free or the paying license key (DGF or DGP)? If you are using the DGF key, are you using features exclusive to the Pro edition? If you are using a trial DGP key, is it still valid (not expired)?

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