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    We are facing problem in decompressing the data. We are using XceedZipLib for compression(in Application server) and sending it to the clients (client software which uses XceedZipLib for decompression). We have two scenarios of problem.

    Scenario1. We are having Delimeter for example (###) for end of each packet send by the server. After the data compression the compressed data has the delimeter value in it, so there is problem in the client software.

    Scenario2. We are facing the problem in Decompressing the data from the server even thou the data are simillar in client & Server (we have checked the data by loging the data send from server & received by the client.) The data are simillar @ both ends, but the decompression is not possible. We get xceChecksumFailed,xceCompression,xceInvalidPassword error message randomly. We are not able to trace y it is happening.

    Pls can u suggest.

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    I would suggest you to first save the stream to a file and to then try to decompress the file.  If an error occurs, you are at least going to be able to check the file.

    You shouldn’t have to add a delimiter and if you add one, you really have to make sure that the client will detect it and remove it from the stream.

    Also, you should be using the XceedSco.dll library (Xceed Streaming Compression) instead of the standard XceedZip.dll library.  (Although it should still be possible to do what you want with the XceedZip library, it will take more time, more coding, more testing, more debugging, more tweaking, …) 

    It is not obvious to try to debug you with this information only.  I’m not ever sure of the class that the application is using the send the stream.  Do you have to set a mimetype for this stream you are sending?  If so, it is correctly set?  Is the application sometimes working or is it never working at all?

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