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    In one my WPF projects I’ve brought in a graphics designer. I really wanted to test out this concept of separation of UI and code-behind in this WPF application.

    For most XAML windows everything is working great: my graphics designer buddy checks out the XAML files from source control while I work mainly on the code-behind files.

    Unfortunately he’s a bit confused about the datagridcontrol. He tells me he can’t easily and visually work with the datagridcontrol like he can with all other standard WPF controls.

    Do you have a tutorial for graphic designers working with the datagridcontrol in Blend? Or any documentation, examples, etc…?

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    Styling and Templating of the standard (“simple”) controls is effectivelly much more simple than for “advanced” controls (such as the DataGridControl ). It is also something that is not that <i>really</i> covered in current designer tools (Blend/Cider).

    One of our designer have been assigned the task of building “tutorials” for customization of the DataGridControl’s UI as well as for building themes. So you can expect this issue to be addressed (but we don’t have a time frame at the moment).

    In the mean time, I suggest the designer post his questions/concerns on this forum. People from the community might prove helpful in pointing your designer in the appropriate direction.

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