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    I got a question when I try to use code to trigger a mouseevent event for a datarow.
    dtgList.AddHandler(DataRow.MouseEnterEvent, new RoutedEventHandler(OnDataRowMouseEnter));
    private void OnDataRowMouseEnter(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    DataRow row = sender as DataRow;
    if (row == null) return;//row always null

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    What is the “dtgList” object?

    When registering a handler to a RoutedEvent, the sender will always be the item on which the RoutedEvent is at ( You have to remember that a routed event will go back or forth in the visual tree)…

    If you want to access the “origin” of the event, you have to use the e.Source and/or e.OriginalSource…

    I suggest referring the the MSDN documentation for more details on these properties.

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