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    I have the following construct: MyCompany.MyProject.MyStaticClass.MyInstanceClass

    MyInstanceClass has the members ID and Description.

    MyInstanceClass also has a static MyStaticList that keeps a List<> of all instances of the class. This serves as the IEnumerable source for the datagrid.

    When I am binding my data, even with AutoCreateColumns=true, using MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = MyInstanceClass.MyStaticList the WPF DataGrid is bound (Items.Count is correct, SourceCollection has the items), the columns are not being created. If I try to create the columns myself using new Column()… Fieldname=”ID”…. nothing shows up in the rows, but the correct number of rows is created. Is this a bug?

    This problem seems to be related to the MyInstanceClass being under a MyStaticClass. I could not find a work around.

    Once again, the data is bound to the grid (ItemsCollection is correct) but I can not see any values. Any advice?

    Thank you,

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    Would it be possible for you to send a repro application to support@xceedsoft.com?

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